Beer Picks // New Arrivals // August 23, 2017

While we certainly can’t eclipse Monday’s excitement, I can tell you conditions in your beer forecast sure do look hazy for the foreseeable future!  I’m talking hops of course. I’ve been writing about the hazy IPAs all summer, and it seems they’re coming in more and more!  Off the shelf and our taps, we’ve got your haze-craze-cravings covered the best we can.  Have you seen our growler offerings lately? Great additions from Mikkeller’s San Diego location such as Big Hazy and These Haze moved fastCrooked Stave brought Sourless IPA and Hazy Not Lazy to the table, which were also in-the-door-out-the-door offerings. This past week’s excitement (beer, not celestial) has been the roll out of beers from Arizona Wilderness Brewing CoThey are a brewery I’ve followed for quite some time, and we’ve seen some collabs with them; Fantome’s Desert Ghost and Stillwater’s Big Bunny Chocolate Stout.  Seeing their involvement online with Shelton Brothers Distributing has always had me hoping that one day….

BAM!  I have to say I did a double-take while scrolling through the Shelton Brothers order sheets.   I am psyched to say we’ve got limited quantities of a few Arizona Wilderness beers flowing on our taps.   Smells Like Teen Spirit is their hazy IPA, and it went quick.  Refuge IPA and Smoked Apple Gose are currently on tap in Brookside, with other stores to follow shortly.   Refuge IPA is their west-coast style IPA, and Smoked Apple Gose is just what it sounds like – it’s a gose brewed with 300 lbs of locally grown Arizona apples, which were smoked for several hours prior to inclusion in the beer.   Both of these beers see release in cans at the brewery itself, but unless you plan on a road trip to Arizona, i’d take the shorter jaunt to your favorite Brookside bottle shop and get a pour!  

We have some other exciting hops dropping at all of the Mike’s today!  Stillwater Artisanal Ales has been really bringing their A-Game lately.   Shoegaze IPA joins their recent release The Cloud in the hazy offering category.  This NE-style IPA comes in 16oz cans.   Wavvy IPA and Mainstream Pop Song are their newest imperial/double IPAs and those also come in 16oz cans.   Their classic farmhouse ale/saison Cellar Door also sees a retooled release, this time in 12oz cans (previously bottles) and comes in at a better price than before!

In the elusive world of Omnipollo, we see the very limited release of their one-off IPA Shploing!!  What is Shploing!!’s schtick you might ask?  Well, it’s labeled as a “Mango-S’mores IPA.”   HUH?!  Yes, you read that right.  This IPA is brewed with graham crackers, mangos, sea salt, vanilla and lactose.  Hey, a wise man once said “I’ll try anything once…”  And while we’re on Omnipollo, we’re also seeing their collaboration IPA with staff favorites Evil Twin. Pink Lemonade IPA seeks to harken back to “A refreshing drink often associated with childhood nostalgia to others a pop-cultural symbol of emancipation.” (Commercial Description)  12oz 4pk cans of this drop around all the stores today.   

If this update hasn’t stretched into “Too Long, Didn’t Read” territory yet, my super-nerds out there can go ahead and strap in…


I already covered Mikkeller’s hoppy offerings, but you know they have something sour up their sleeve… Raspberry Blush first dropped a couple weeks ago, sold fast, and restocks hit yesterday!   A berliner weisse with raspberries (duh) and COFFEE, this has also quickly become a staff favorite. Sour, fruity, and with just enough bitterness in the coffee to balance the whole thing out.   Plus, 16oz cans in affordable singles and 4pks…what are you waiting for?!  North Peak recently dropped their hazy IPA Thunder, and we’ve received restocks of that, as well as new hazy-offering Zephyr. Like all North Peak, it comes in 6pk bottles, and we’re selling singles as well. We’ve also received Dauntless, their Oktoberfest offering.….Because if stores are starting to put out Halloween decorations, it must not be too early for Oktoberfest beers! 

Jolly Pumpkin dropped a couple exciting new beers as well.  Forgotten Tales Of The Last Gypsy Blender is their collaboration series with local Kansas City Chef Celina Tio.  This blend is a sour beer take on the classic Whisky Sour cocktail!  Among its ingredients it features lemon preserves, lime peel, and bourbon smoked sugar!   

Phuket: It’s Not That Far From Laos is their tropical saison-collaboration with Portland’s Gigantic BrewingForged on a trip both brewers took to Hawaii, and featuring flavors and ingredients from Southeast Asia, this is sure to be a great end-of-summer refresher. Phuket/Laos features lime, palm sugar and jasmine rice! We also saw restocks of Clementina, Jolly Pumpkin’s clementine sour-saison!

That’s all for now folks. Check back in and watch our social media accounts this coming week for even more new beers.  Taps are changing constantly, so if you’re thinking about a particular growler (especially if it’s a hazy one…) don’t sleep on it!  Lots of other fun stuff is dropping this week: Destihl Brewing (yes, the Wild Sour Series people).  And for the indie-music nerds out there, we’ll even see a beer from Davenport brewed for the famous Daytrotter live-music sessions website!  More coverage and anecdotal musings in the coming days….

Stay weird my friends,  

-Jeremy / Mike’s Beer Manager