New Arrivals // July 26th, 2017

A few new arrivals have hit this past week from our friends at Shelton Brothers.  Two are in the “hazy” IPA category, and the last is a sour saison – because sour beer is awesome – end of discussion!

North Peak Thunder  |  6.7% ABV  |  35 IBUs

This past year Michigan’s North Peak Brewing Co. started a series of seasonally rotating IPAs that harken the new “haze craze” trend started on the east coast by breweries such as The Alchemist, Trillium and Treehouse.   They generally come cloudy in appearance, are generously dry-hopped, are more mild in hop bitterness than most, strong in heavy hop aroma and balanced with a more pronounced fruity/juicy flavor.   Several breweries will use oats in the brewing process, which impart an extra sweetness and up the opacity of the beer.   As such, Thunder is labeled as an Oat IPA.  

Thunder pours mildly cloudy, less so than other examples of the NE-IPA.   This beer seems to be more a nod to the style, rather than a full on take.   But it’s a tasty one!  Aromas of tropical citrus and stone fruit meet dry earthy and grassy floral notes.  Taste brings a mix of tangerine, orange peel, lemon and mango with mild bitterness.   Light grassy herbal notes with citrus peel round out a dry finish.  

Available in 6pk 12oz bottles, single 12oz bottles and growler pours.

Currently on tap in Waldo; Brookside location availability coming soon.  

Crooked Stave Sourless IPA  |  6% ABV  | 60 IBUs

Now that they have their own brick and mortar brewing space, Denver’s Crooked Stave have started to foray into “clean beer.”   Known primarily for their funky and sour creations, often inoculated with that wild and crazy Brettanomyces, “Clean Beer” would be your normal styles where wild and funk don’t come into play.   They’ve done a pilsner, a kolsch, a baltic porter, as well as several IPAs – Sourless IPA among them.   And what a perfect beer name from a brewery known for sour beer: Sourless.  

This beer pours an opaque yellowish dirty-orange color.   As for the haze aspect of “haze-craze”, this beer nails the appearance.  It looks like a glass of orange juice. Aromas are a blend of citrus and melon meets the piney sharpness of west coast style IPAs.   This beer also tastes like a delicious blend of east vs. west coast, which is perfect because Crooked Stave are from right in the middle – Colorado!  

Juicy stonefruit and pineapple/mango meet moderate piney hop bitterness.  Finish is dry and mellow.   A great “clean beer” offering from Crooked Stave.

Available only in growlers, and now on tap at our Brookside location.

Jolly Pumpkin Bamarillo  |  5.1% ABV  |  40 IBUs

As I mentioned in my last blog, Michigan’s Jolly Pumpkin just released a variant on their classic saison Bam Biere called Bamarillo.  The base beer is a slightly sour farmhouse ale/saison.  The Crystal and Cascade hops of the original recipe are cut in half, replaced with Amarillo hops for extra tropical juiciness. After three months of aging in oak foeders, pineapple purée is added for a final month in oak prior to bottling.   

Bamarillo pours a slightly hazy yellow. Aromas of lemon, lime, grapefruit and pineapple meet the yeasty funk of straw, dry leather, pepper, spice and oak. Taste is prominent citrus meets pineapple and light stonefruit. This is accompanied by flavors of peppery spice, basement funk, oak and very light floral hop bitterness.  This beer is on the lighter side of medium-sour.  The finish is dry and floral with light fruity notes. At $4.99/375ml Bottle this is a great deal for a tasty, sour, funky and refreshing beverage.  

Give one or more of these new arrivals a try!  All are tasty and reasonably priced offerings for their respective styles.  There haven’t been many hazy-style IPAs seeing distro in our market yet (outside of brewery-only releases) and both of these are great and affordable options.  And Bamarillo is a great variant take on an already wonderful classic.   

Come and see us, stay cool out there,

…and try more beers!!!

Jeremy / Mike’s Beer Manager