Beer Picks: Summer of Sours

I’ll start off with what we’re all thinking, it’s hotter than hell outside! Hopefully wherever you are reading this from is air conditioned. And hopefully you have a nice cold beer in your hand! I’m here to bring you this week’s suggestions for thirst quenching refreshers to help you beat that heat. The phrase Summer Of Sours doesn’t come without purpose. And if you haven’t noticed, i’m on a constant mission to preach the good sour word to as many new people as possible. And sours are perfect for summer!

The word “sour” can be somewhat misleading as the style becomes more and more commonplace. Many branches of the style exist, each with a broad range of sensory profiles. Historically, some wild, tart and funky beers have been brewed (in part) for the exact purpose of being summer beverages. Low in ABV, still quite flavorful, and even at times fruity- these beers are insanely easy to demolish.

Our friends at Tallgrass Brewing just released the second Berliner Weisse in their “Jam” series. Blueberry Jam is a German-style sour wheat beer brewed with blueberry purée. Coming in at 4.3% ABV and packaged in 6pk cans, this beer is perfect for summer. Blueberry Jam isn’t an enamel stripper, it’s lightly tart with just enough blueberry flavor to keep you taking more and more sips. Aside from cans, we also have growler pours available at the Brookside and Westport stores (call or check the taplist on our website for availability). And don’t forget, Monday’s are 20% off all growler pours.

Bruery Terreux has a great beer (and great value) out right now that we’re carrying in bottles and draft. Goses Are Red is another type of sour German wheat beer brewed with coriander, spices and salt (hallmark of the Gose style), but then finished in oak foeders with the addition of grapes. Think of the approach to rosé wine, where grape skins impart a light rosey color to wine – but with beer. The otherwise light yellow hue of a gose transforms into a light pinkish/red color. A nose of fruit, funk, and tart zest give way to an easy to drink summer quencher. And at 5.3% ABV, you don’t have to feel bad about drinking the whole bottle! Best part? These puppies are $7.99 per 750ml bottle. It’s a steal of a deal for that price. Growlers are also available at the Westport store currently, and will be available on draft in Brookside soon!

Michigan’s Jolly Pumpkin is a staple on our shelves. Sadly some of their beers get passed over for more hype-of-the-month beers, and that’s a damn shame! Bam Biere is a hallmark in funky/sour saisons in America. A 4.5% ABV saison, this is an easy drinker with a great balance of funk, tart and spice. At $4.99 for a 375ml bottle, you owe it to yourself to try this classic. And it doesn’t stop at classic Bam, come by on Thursday for the release of Bamarillo. This is a variant where the Crystal and Cascade hops of the original Bam are cut in half, replaced with extra Amarillo hops for even more tropical notes. To top it off, after 3 months in oak foeders pineapple purée is added for the final month of aging!

I hope you give a couple of these a try if you haven’t already! As pictured, we have branded glassware available from Jolly Pumpkin and The Bruery as well. Another reason to stop by Thursday? We’ll be getting another hazy/NE-style IPA from North Peak. Thunder follows the release of Stormy a few months back. Stormy sold out very quickly, so don’t sleep on this one! Take care, and stay cool!

Jeremy / Mike’s Beer Manager
July 19, 2017