Craft Beer Week Deliveries

By Jeremy Morton, Mike’s Wine & Spirits Beer Manager

Yesterday was another great delivery day. Our friends at Shelton Brothers brought a whole mountain of beer. So… here we go!

We received our first delivery of 750ml format Crooked Stave beers with this round. Previously only available in 375ml, this is an exciting prospect for two reasons. The first being more beer to share!  The second being the cellaring. In general, the bigger the bottle – the better for aging. Crooked Stave beers cellar great already, so this is just double-awesome! Nightmare On Brett, Origins, and L’Brett d’Cherry are a few of the big format bottles we got from them.

We also saw our first time getting their Peach variant from the popular “Petite Sour” series. This beer is available in the 375ml bottle size, and we also wasted no time tapping a keg of it in Brookside for the growler station – so come fill up! Also restocked on several other L’Brett and Petite Sour series beers, as well as fruited variants of the Surette Reserva line.

This round saw the 5th fruited variant of Mikkeller’s popular Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Series, with the release of Apricot. This is a perfect hot weather beer. In the same vein, we received “Jove” from Libertine Brewing. It is a blackberry gose, need I say more?

How many beers from Brazil have you had? We received two canned releases from Way Beer. A coffee brown ale, and a gose style with native Brazilian fruit.

Whew!  Come on down to any of the stores and check out the new awesomeness!  As always, thank you very much for shopping with us – we hope you have a great rest of your week!