Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break

This week brought us one behemoth of a mashup in the stout department!
Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break takes the ingredient ideas behind two already wildly popular beers for one even more awesome beer. Evil Twin has Biscotti Break (which we sell for $3.99/16oz can). Westbrook has their famed Mexican Cake (sadly this does not see distribution in these parts). This collaboration isn’t the first between these two breweries, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise – Evil Twin has contract brewed their beers at Westbrook for years (though they are currently building their own facility in New York).

This beer pours almost pitch black with a dense, dark tan head that remains for several minutes. The nose is full of coffee, vanilla, chocolate, toffee, with a hint of cinnamon and spice on the end. Basically, this beer smells exactly how you would expect it to, given the listed adjuncts!

This is a dessert beer, and without the overly cloying sweetness of some. Chocolate cake and coffee predominate the flavor, with light vanilla and spice lingering on the end. A small amount of heat from the habanero peppers is detectable on the end as well, but it doesn’t go overboard like some stouts. For having so many flavoring components, this beer is very drinkable. If you pull this beer right out the refrigerator, I highly recommend letting it warm in the glass for awhile as you drink it. The flavors and scents open up with the temperature (as is common with many stouts of this kind). This beer would pair well with a wide range of sweet and roasty desserts, maybe with a side of ice cream?!

22 oz bottles are available at all 3 Mike’s locations for $15.99 a pop, no limits!
Stay tuned because growler pours will also be available in Westport and Waldo soon! That’s right – we got a couple kegs, too!

What are you waiting for? Take a BREAK and have some CAKE!

Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break
Evil Twin / Westbrook Brewing Collaboration
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee, Cinnamon, Almonds,
Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla and Habanero Peppers
10% ABV | $15.99 | 22oz Bottle
99 points on RateBeer.Com