French Feature: Burgundy Wine

Winter is upon us, so let’s drink more Burgundy, Kansas City!!

Looking back on the highlights of 2016, before the holidays picked up, I was able to travel to France in the fall for some fabulous food and beautiful sightseeing. No trip to France is complete, however, without meeting with Becky Wasserman & Co, one of our French wine importers, to really dive into Burgundy and the incredible Pinot Noir grown there. As it was fall, the grape harvest was in full swing enabling us to visit many great domaines where we could see what an incredible crop of fruit they were harvesting for the 2016 vintage. We met with several of the winemakers, like Nicolas Rossignol, and were completely blown away by how they are down-to-earth, honest, and hard working farmers with families which have been growing wine grapes for generations. That resonated with us since we know the rewards of a family business!

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Nicolas Rossignol, whose 5th generation domaine has property in the communes of Volnay and Pommard. Nicolas showed us the vineyard sites; these France trip“sibling” communes sit side by side just south of Beaune and produce striking different styles of wine. To put it in general terms, Pinot Noir from Pommard can be described as chewy, extracted and austere, whereas Volnay Pinot Noir is typed as lacy and ethereal. Both styles are drawn completely from their specific terroir and how the wine is made once it gets to the winery. Some of the best values in Burgundy come from these two communes- the only way to experience them is to keep trying wines! So let’s get down to doing some of that research!!

To break into the world of great Burgundy, we thought none would be better than a feature of the 2014 Nicolas Rossignol Bourgogne Rouge! This is made from fruit coming from both Pommard and Volnay, so we’ve got the perfect meld of austere, elegance, and deliciousness.

Tasting notes: There is a pretty and exceptionally fresh nose when smelling this wine- lots of red berries, violet. There is both good volume and richness while drinking this bottle- there is no shortage of delicious flavors that conclude in a mildly austere and rustic end! If you don’t drink this immediately, it’s a great choice for an age-worthy red.

There’s not much to go around, so hurry and don’t miss this opportunity! Stop at one of our stores, call or email and we’ll save you some bottles.

Mike’s Price: $24.99