Toast-y Champagne Cocktails

Here are a couple of drink recipes that our very own Henry Feltmeyer developed at Mike’s Wine and Spirits to help you toast to 2017 and get through the winter months. The first is a sparkling wine based punch featuring Jules Larose Brut, an affordable alternative to expensive Champagnes that is a versatile Mike’s Pick. The Jules Larose, along with the Belrose Ultra Premium Vodka, are direct imports from France and can give you much more bang for your buck when planning a party.

The second drink is a variation on a classic cocktail called the French 75 that goes back to Paris during World War I. Traditionally made with gin, lemon and Champagne with a splash of sugar syrup, we update our version using a bit of Genepy, a delicious herbal sweet liqueur from the French Alps. This is a real Champagne cocktail, and we used Vazart-Coquart’s Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs. That’s a mouthful, yes, and another Mike’s Pick as well. This is real French Champagne, what’s known as ‘Grower Champagne’. If you’ve heard of craft beer and craft cocktails you owe it to yourself to check out small production hand crafted Champagnes. Much better than mass produced Champagnes, they are also often much less expensive just like this one.

Sparkling Pomegranate Spice Punch

2 Cups Belrose Ultra Premium Vodka, chilled

1/2 Cup Triple-Sec

1/4 Cup Cinnamon Schnapps, to taste

3 Cups Pomegranate Juice, chilled

2 Bottles Jules Larose Brut Blanc de Blancs, chilled

1 Orange, cut in thin slices

In a punch bowl or other large container mix the Belrose vodka with the triplle-sec, cinnamon schnapps, and pomegranate juice. Put in orange slices, and allow them to marinate in the chilled punch mix for a half an hour before serving. Right before serving, pop the corks on two bottles of chilled Jules Larose Brut sparkling wine, and add those to the punch mix. Ladle punch into mugs over ice, garnishing each with a slice of the orange, and enjoy with family and friends.

KC New Year 75

for two drinks

2 oz J Rieger Midwestern Dry Gin

1 oz Fresh squeezed lemon juice

4 oz+ Vazart-Coquart Grand Cru Blanc De Blancs Champagne, chilled

1/2 oz Dolin Genepy Des Alpes

In a mixing glass shake the Rieger Midwestern Dry Gin with the lemon juice and ice until well chilled. Strain into two Champagne flutes splitting equally, glasses will not be full. Top up glasses with the chilled Champagne, and then drizzle 1/4 ounce of Dolin Genepy into each drink. Toast to your friends, to the New Year, and enjoy!